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Mar 3, 2014 2:00pm PST
administration was spending on both a war and a great society without raising taxes. the fed was left to fight the resulting inflation alone. the nation's central bank, originally created to protect the banking system against panics, acquired more power to affect the economy than even it imagined at the outset. the federal reserve: does money matter? with the help of economic analyst richard gill, we'll explore that question on economics usa. i'm david schoumacher. coins, bills, checks-- our basic money supply. the amount of money and where it goes wiin the banking system has been the main concern of our nation's central bank. at the fed's headquarters here in washington, dc, closed deliberations are held by experts who continuously monitor our financial health and prescribe remedies. how did these experts prescribe a remedy that plunged us even deeper into the great depression? early in the 20th century, american banks operated with little regulation and great vulnerability. in 1907, that vulnerability became apparent when depositors lost confidence and demanded their money. the
Mar 4, 2014 2:00pm PST
, i intend to pocket half the tax receipts. - but that's ridiculous. - quite absurd. it doesn't make sense. are you making fun of me? get down the hatch, all of you. [music] calm down, lord ubu. kings are not supposed to behave like that. you're butchering the whole world. so, pshit. no more justice, no more financial system. fear nothing, my sweet child. i shall go around the villages myself and collect the taxes. - hey, did you hear the news? - huh? the king is dead, and all the nobles as well. what's more, pa ubu has seized the throne. and it seems they're going to raise all the taxes and that pa ubu is gonna make the rounds to collect them. great god. what will become of us? look. sounds like someone is knocking at the door. open up, pshit, in the names of saint john,
Feb 27, 2014 5:30pm PST
billions in tax and the most severe test of the new government could be the situation in crimea the peninsula and the south of the country enjoys the status of an optimus republic and has an ethnic russian majority. hood's trust the new pro european leadership in tn the above so i painted it and wants to see jaime response of ukraine they will have to do a lot to persuade the crimean people with good content. remember the titans times we all had together under one piece and you want to be together with russia. in the morning armed men seized the parliament building in st fl for and race the russian flag since then the government district has been sealed off. there's no time to waste for the new prime minister. he convened the first cabinet meeting immediately after taking office. and crimea was at the top of the long agenda the street to correspond in this scene can do is standing by for sins and cheryl cole will see an eu ban and cranny in parliament today the scene sound a chaotic what exactly has been going on. yesterday the order eighty one demonstration and a team like the coke
Mar 5, 2014 2:00pm PST
' taxes paid for buildings rather than for weapons. these abbeys were meant to serve not only as religious communities, but also as hospices for the emperor. saint florian's abbey, begun in 1689, is the work of an italian and an austrian-- carlo carlone and jakob prandtauer. in true baroque fashion, the new abbey was a stage upon which royal ritual could be played out by the visiting emperor. paradoxically, the stage usually lacked its leading actor, for the emperor himself rarely visited any of the abbeys. but it didn't matter. the object was not imperial housing. it was to make a political point, to bear witness to the unity of christianity and empire. here we're dealing not with the glorification of an individual emperor, but with the need to assert the divine right to rule of an institution, the hapsburg empire. newly victorious over the turks, the austrians believed themselves to be the saviors of christian europe. they proclaimed their triumph in their art and in their architecture. the karlskirche, or charles church, in vienna, is an example of the power of the christian faith to ab
Mar 5, 2014 5:30pm PST
opposition leaders in control of the country. jenny's initial efforts at diplomacy in taxes the tensions escalated still thought i would progress and on nancy's government buildings in crimea. suddenly the threat to the wall and europe's doorstep became real tennant on sat under the map up to five minutes to intensify denny's diplomatic efforts. this is the initials i see it is a chance to develop an international strategy. perhaps to form a contact group. i don't think we there yet. but i think it's worth continuing talks on its way to the deaths of two. it's a gemini taiwan is not in a box to impose sanctions on russia and up and it could exacerbate the situation. also your ups and wraps as economies of two closely interwoven the sox mets is to be effective. for the next step by your eyes on now in a meeting of eu leaders on thursday. vocals tokyo today. the events in ukraine as the coming business move on to some of the nice and in china korea the leakage and has made his slowest annual policy speech at the start of the national people's congress in beijing on the agenda when
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5